Stuart Parks and Brad Gessner ski from base camp, Wrangell Mountains.

Photo by Wayne Todd.

Snow travel school at the MCA's Basic Mountaineering School.

Photo by Brian Aho.

Looking east at the high Chugach from White Lice. Chugach State Park.

Photo by Wayne Todd.

Pichler's Perch, the MCA's first hut, built in 1964, is the forerunner of the Eklutna Traverse system of shelters.

Photo by Wayne Todd.

December 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

MCA Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, December 8, 2015 

In attendance: Cory Hinds, Steve Gruhn, Nathan Hebda, Max Neale

  1. VP-Programs (Galen) 
    1. December: holiday party at Pioneer School House. Max will arrange audio/video. Need people to help with setup. Galen investigating liability insurance.  BYOBeverage. Max will present on Cassin Ridge at the January general meeting.
  2. Treasurer’s report (Aaron)
    1. We have proposed a budget. It is in the Scree for December and will be in the January Scree as well. We will vote on the budget at the January general meeting. Board is considering increasing fees for printed Scree to cover a larger portion of the cost.
  1. Secretary’s report (Max)
    1. 114 out of 644 active members (18%) responded to the survey. Respondents primarily intend to pursue backcountry skiing, hiking, and backpacking over the next year. They’ve been a member for 2 years (median) and have attended 1.8 meetings in the last year (mean). They find huts and training to be the two most valuable aspects of MCA membership. Huts, learning about climbing locations/opportunities, and learning from trainings constitute the vast majority of their motivation for being members. Significantly more respondents read the Scree than skim the Scree. Respondents spent and average of 2 nights in MCA huts in the last 2 years. In declining order, respondents suggest the following as improvements: more training, more trips, more social events, online searchable scree, more welcoming for new members/more inclusive, better communication about trips. Finally, 67% of respondents would prefer an online version of the Scree. Max contacted gift certificate winner and will mail prize.
    2. We briefly discussed moving the Scree online and will talk more about this next meeting when more Board members are present.
    3. Several survey respondents suggested more fundraising for huts. The Board is keen to have a large event in Fall 2016 with multiple presentations and videos.
  2. Huts (Cory): 
    1. DNR leases for Bomber, Mint, Dnigi will be updated on Thursday.
    2. New Hut: next step is getting materials list, then pricing for materials and helo. Cory envisions a hut like Bomber, but with better ventilation, a large porch, and an arctic entry. Nathan will assist Cory with materials list.
  3. Training (Jayme):  Update on Winter Basic Mountaineering Courses.  Plan to line up a selection of courses with combo of volunteer and paid instruction. 
    1. Level 1 Avy course, March 5-7 at Hatcher
    2. Crevasse Rescue – date TBD.   Schedule and sign-up.
    3. Snow climbing with Steve Staeheli
    4.  Ice climbing – date TBD.
  4. Hiking and Climbing
    1. Ed Smith is generating a list of trips. Board members will be asked to make calls to members. Ed: create a trip wish list to have at next meeting.
    2. Need volunteer to start Solstice trip (~8pm).
  5. Mentoring (see new business)
    1. Board members will also ask for mentors when they call members about leading trips.
    2. Jennifer: contact Rachad, get feedback from mentees at the end of this cycle (online survey?), need updated list with current mentors and mentees, ask him to files to google drive.
  6. Library – Max will check in on status.
  7. Equipment.  No activity.

10.  Parks Advisory.  Successful meet and greet at Hatchers Pass for snowmachine access. End goal is to have no snowmachiners in Snowbird bowl.

11.  Next Board meeting: 1/12, 6pm, REI classroom. Next General meeting: Holiday Party 12/15, 6:30 pm, Pioneer School House (Anchorage)

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