Avalanche drills at the MCA's Basic Mountaineering School.

Photo by Travis Taylor.

Pichler's Perch, the MCA's first hut, built in 1964, is the forerunner of the Eklutna Traverse system of shelters.

Photo by Wayne Todd.

Snow travel school at the MCA's Basic Mountaineering School.

Photo by Brian Aho.

The Scandinavia Peaks Hut sits among the magnificent Scandinavian peaks of the Matanuska Glacier area.

Photo by Wayne Todd.

October 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors

Mountaineering Club of Alaska


6 PM

BP Energy Center

Roll Call

Stephen Austria (Director) - Not Present

Ralph Baldwin (Director)- Present

Jennifer Duford (Director) - Not Present

Nathan Hebda (Director) - Present

Cory Hinds (Past President) - Present

Brian Miller (Treasurer)- Not Present

Max Neale (Secretary)- Present

Charlie Sink (President)- Present

Katie Strong (Vice President)- Present


Max Neale

President’s Report

Nothing new to report.

Committee Reports

Vice President (Katie)

?      Nathan Hebda is presenting next week at the general meeting

?      We’ll likely do the Backcountry Film Festival in February and another fundraising event over the winter

?      Katie will coordinate presentations on the Eklutna and Bomber traverses


Treasurer (Brian Miller)

?      Board has agreed to give members the option to select one-time annual memberships or recurring annual memberships. The objective with recurring memberships is to simplify the renewal process.

?      Board has agreed to raise the family membership dues by $5 (from $25 to $30). This will generate approximately $1200 in additional revenue and help to increase equity among individual memberships (currently $20 per year) and family memberships (currently $25 per year).


Secretary (Max)

?      Max volunteered to create new welcome signs for all huts

?      Max will plan an event at the rock gym


Huts (Cory)

?      Max will volunteer to create new welcome signs for the huts

?      Board will consider creating a hut maintenance schedule and taking steps that foster a culture of caretaking at the huts



?      Nathan will step down from the Board but will continue to assist with training and mentorship


Parks Advisory (Jennifer + Ralph)

?      Ralph will host an MCA booth at an outdoor event in Palmer, Saturday 10/14/2017


Hiking and Climbing (Ed Smith)

?      Nothing new to report


Library (Charlotte Foley)

?      Nothing new to report

New Business


?     The Awards Committee is considering giving a Lifetime Member Award to someone. Details to come in the coming months.


Election Nominating Committee

?     The Nominating Committee has requested nominations and identified individuals who are interested in running for various positions.

Time and location of next meeting

11/06/2017, 6 PM, Charlie Sink's house. Please email secretary@mtnclubak.org for directions.

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