Rosie’s Roost was built in 1968, it is part of the Eklutna Traverse and was originally called Eagle Glacier Cabin.

Photo by Greg Bragiel.

Climber on seracs on the Matanuska Glacier during the annual MCA ice climbing festival.

Photo by Wayne Todd.

St. Elias mountains from Mt Bear area. St. Elias National Park.

Photo by Wayne Todd.

Willy Hersman leads his entourage on the classic MCA Portage to Whittier trip which may have great weather and wonderful vistas.

Photo by Wayne Todd.

MCA Awards

The MCA gives out three awards.  They are as follows.

Nominations should be submitted to the MCA Awards Committee.

Hoeman Award

The Hoeman Award is an award honoring two of the club's most prolific climbers, who made significant contributions to the early exploration and documentation of hiking and climbing opportunities throughout Alaska and the Yukon during the 1960s. The award was developed to recognize persons associated with the Mountaineering Club of Alaska (MCA), including current, former, and honorary members, who have made a significant contribution to the exploration, documentation, and promotion of hiking and climbing opportunities in Alaska's mountain ranges. The Hoeman Award is the Mountaineering Club of Alaska's most prestigious award and was created to recognize those individuals who have demonstrated a long-term commitment to the exploration, documentation, and promotion of hiking and climbing opportunities in Alaska. The award consists of having the awardees name permanently engraved on a dedicated plaque housed in the MCA Vin Hoeman Library as well as a separate award certificate for the recipient. Awardees also become Honorary lifetime MCA members.

How to Nominate for the Hoeman Award:

Nominations for the award can be made at any time and must be made in writing to the MCA Awards Committee.  The written nomination must include:

  1. the name of the nominee
  2. affiliation with MCA (if any)
  3. a written description of the contributions the nominee has made to the exploration, documentation, and promotion of hiking and climbing opportunities in Alaska, including (if known):  number of first ascents, number of club climbs, hikes, training trips led, stories/peak descriptions published in SCREE, service to the club (as officer, committee chair, etc.), and any published works documenting hiking and climbing in Alaska.
  4. the names and contact information for 2 personal references. 

Presidents Award

The Presidents Award is given to a current club member in recognition of significant contributions of time and effort toward an MCA project (or projects) or other club activities during a calendar year. All club members are eligible for the award including current Officers & Directors (except President).   

How to Nominate for the Presidents Award:

Nominations should be submitted in writing to the address below and include the name of nominee, a brief description of the contributions made by the individual in the current calendar year. The Awards Committee will simply collect nominees and submit their names to the current President who selects the final award recipient(s) and presents the award(s).

Honorary Membership

Honorary Memberships are given to individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the MCA or its purpose. Honorary Members become lifetime members.

How to nominate for Honorary Membership:

Individuals need not be MCA members, but must be living and may not be a current office holder.

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