Willy Hersman leads his entourage on the classic MCA Portage to Whittier trip which may have great weather and wonderful vistas.

Photo by Wayne Todd.

Hans Hut sits along the aptly named Whiteout Glacier.

Photo by Travis Taylor.

Pichler's Perch, the MCA's first hut, built in 1964, is the forerunner of the Eklutna Traverse system of shelters.

Photo by Wayne Todd.

The Scandinavia Peaks Hut sits among the magnificent Scandinavian peaks of the Matanuska Glacier area.

Photo by Wayne Todd.

Vin Hoeman Library

MCA Members are welcome to check out books from our extensive collection. There are many guide books and tales to help you plan that next adventure, whether it be in Alaska or beyond.

Our library is located in the classroom at REI in Anchorage. To access the library, stop by REI and ask the front desk staff to put you in touch with the manager or the Outdoor Programs and Outreach Market Coordinator who can let you into the classroom. The library is comprised of the bookshelves in the far right corner of the room. To check out a book from the library, please record your information in the front page of the binder located on top of the bookshelf. The librarian will then enter the checked out books into the online catalog so that member may know what books are available.

A list of available library books can be found online through our catalog. Please click on this link to view it.

Additionally the following people are storing magazines and journals previously a part of the MCA library and are willing to share with members. To contact Andy, Laron or Dan, please email the librarian who can forward your contact information to them. Steve and Tim can be reached at the club email addresses below:

  • Andy Mamrol (Summit 1961-1995) 
  • Steve Gruhn (Appalachia 1936-1980) email: geographicnames@mtnclubak.org
  • Laron Thomas (High Mountain Sports 1996-2002)
  • Tim Silvers (Climbing 1970-1985) email: webmaster@mtnclubak.org 
  • Dan Koepke (Climbing 1986-2002, Mountain 1959-1988, Off Belay 1972-1976, American Alpine Journal 1939-2010, Accidents in North American Mountaineering 1961-late 1990s)

Our library is always looking to expand our collection. If you have any books or journals you might like to donate to the library or any other library related inquiries, please contact our volunteer librarian at library@mtnclubak.org.

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