Rosie’s Roost was built in 1968, it is part of the Eklutna Traverse and was originally called Eagle Glacier Cabin.

Photo by Greg Bragiel.

Climbers on the Matanuska Glacier during the annual MCA ice climbing festival.

Photo by Wayne Todd.

Crevasse rescue training at the MCA's Basic Mountaineering School.

Photo by Dean Carman.

Contrary to ad campaign copy - Keystone is not light when hauled in sleds on the Eklutna Traverse.

Photo by Greg Bragiel.

June 2012 General Meeting Minutes

MCA General Meeting Minutes June 20, 2012

Equipment:  Linda and Jason helped with shelves and organizing gear.  Volunteers requested to inventory gear, especially the ropes with inspections of them.

Library:  REI has agreed to house the MCA library in its training room.  There likely won’t be enough space for all of the roughly 700 books in our collection.  Some books may be kept in storage and others given away to members.  There is a list of titles and authors.  Please contact Vicky Lytle for the list and offer your opinion on which books should be kept.  Volunteers will also be needed to move the books to REI, rotate the books every 6-12 months, and keep the books in order.  For the journals in MCA’s library, certain members were named who are the keepers of different journal collections and will make them available to members upon request.

Huts:  Huts chairman Greg Bragiel said he needs help.  He thanked MCA for recognizing his service and thanked past hut volunteers by name.  Hut needs are listed on the website.  Greg highlighted some of the huts current needs.  If you are at a hut and see a repair need, please fix it if your able.  He recognized Alpine Air’s extraordinary service to MCA in cleaning up after a waste blue barrel displaced by wind at Rosie’s hut and hauling it inside the aircraft.  Barrels should be fixed by the door in the lee of the wind.  To clear up any confusion, Greg stated the priority methods of disposing of human waste:  1) Use wag bags and pack out--DO NOT put wag bags in the blue barrels; 2) trash compactor bags--pack out; 3) trash compactor bags with no pee into the blue barrels--no liquid in the blue barrels; 4) bags into a crevasse (controversial and least preferred method of disposal).   

Slide Show Presentation:  Skiy Detray – attempt of the Norwegian Pillar on the Great Trango Tower in Pakistan’s Karakoram Mountains.

Next general meeting:  Picnic at Abbott Loop Park, Wednesday July 18 at 6:30 PM.  Bring a side dish based on the first letter of your last name.  Be green; please bring your own dishes.   

Greg Encelewski, Director

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