Climber on seracs on the Matanuska Glacier during the annual MCA ice climbing festival.

Photo by Wayne Todd.

Carrie Wang on Boggs Peak, Chugach National Forest.

Photo by Wayne Todd.

Pichler's Perch, the MCA's first hut, built in 1964, is the forerunner of the Eklutna Traverse system of shelters.

Photo by Wayne Todd.

Bird Peak from Esbay Peak. Chugach State Park.

Photo by Wayne Todd.

October 2012 Board Meeting Minutes

MCA Board Meeting Minutes

October 3, 2012

Members Present:  Tim Silvers (President), Randy Plant (Treasurer), Greg Encelewski, Brian Aho, Vicky Lytle, John Recktenwald, Jim Sellers

1. November 21 meeting (day before Thanksgiving) – need presenter.  Possible presenters were discussed and a couple of individuals will be contacted.  Idea of inviting members to bring 10-15 photos also agreed as an option.

2.  D&O Insurance – Jim Sellers will submit a new application with a new broker and carrier.

3.  Benefits sharing with other mountaineering clubs – The MCA may want to send the president or a representative to attend a March 2013 meeting in Golden, Colorado.

4.  Awards drawing – Discussed adding more volunteers to the drawings than the three categories of Scree contributors, instructors, and trip leaders.

5.  October Elections – Vicky, Jim, and Brian’s terms are expiring and they’re not running.  John announced he will be resigning 1 year into his 2 year term because the board is not interested at this time in pursuing the goals he stated with his election, which included planning for a new hut, making the Scree available for free, and outreach to the community (Samoan kids).  Tim is not running for reelection as president.  Possible nominations for president and board seats were discussed.  Individuals will be asked to consider running.

6.  Other topics – Indexing Scree for search engines.  Tim will ask Steve Gruhn about the feasibility.

6.  Library and gear policies – both out of date.  Vicky will draft a library policy.  Higher value books should be addressed and continue to be indicated with a sticker/stamp.  MCA Librarian to accept book donations.  Tim will draft a gear policy.

7.  Winter Wildlands Alliance call – Vicky participated in recent conference call.  Alliance offers advocacy, film festival rights, and school science field trips.  APU has and is doing this film festival in Anchorage.  MCA could do a film festival as a fundraiser as long as it’s not in Anchorage (WWA limits film showing to one city).

8.  Randy presented the preliminary 2012 budget vs. actual results.  While revenue is currently below budget, expenses are also below budget to the extent we may have a positive margin this year when we budgeted for a negative margin.

9.  REI Open House – Saturday, October 27, 2012.  Agreed MCA should have a table like we did last year.  Volunteers will be sought at the October general meeting.

Greg Encelewski, Board Member

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