Pichler's Perch, the MCA's first hut, built in 1964, is the forerunner of the Eklutna Traverse system of shelters.

Photo by Wayne Todd.

The Matanuska Glacier as viewed from Mt. Wickersham.

Photo by Wayne Todd.

Wayne, Carrie, Chris and Toby enjoy sunshine at the Scandinavian Peaks Hut.

Photo by Wayne Todd.

A Brocken spectre is the apparently enormous and magnified shadow of an observer, cast upon the upper surfaces of clouds opposite the sun.

Photo by Wayne Todd.

April 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

MCA Board Meeting Minutes Monday, April 20, 2015

Attendees: Galen, Cory, Max, Greg, Jayme, Josh, Aaron

  1. VP-Upcoming programs (Galen)

    1. April 21: Tom Choate/Denali.  Guest: Frank Nosek ‘67/68 pres.

    2. May:  Charlie Sassara (past president of American Alpine Club)

    3. June and August general meetings: hike up Flat Top, meeting at the top

    4. July general meeting: BBQ

  2. Treasurer’s report (Aaron)

    1. Aaron troubleshooted a few technical membership issues

  3. Secretary’s report (Max)

    1. We’re using Google Drive for meeting minutes and select other purposes.

  4. Huts (Cory)

    1. Family of Lars Spurkland is looking to set up backcountry hut in his memory.  Possible synergy where Spurkland family provides the funding and MCA maintains hut.

    2. Pichler’s re-skin: targeting June 24-30 for the work.  Gathering quotes for windows, framing lumber, helo transport, etc.   

    3. Dnigi relocation: new lease application is not required if new location is within 5 miles.   Proposed location is within 5 miles. Ran map of proposed location. Have requested member comments in writing by April 21. By May board meeting we should have final decision on location. Summer evaluation, then decide whether to move it or rebuild, develop budget.  

    4. Mint Hut: need work party to decant barrel and install urine separating toilet.  (Summer 2015). Need volunteer to find volunteers to make this happen.

    5. Scandinavian Hut has broken window that needs replacement in the next month or two.  Paul Anders will likely fly in and do it.

    6. Leases on DNR land need to be updated every 5 years.  Lease agreements are up for renewal on 3 huts: Bomber, Mint, and Scandinavian.   Greg Bragiel has prepared the lease updates. Cory action will review and submit them to DNR with payment by June 2015.  

  5. Training (Jayme)

    1. Summer rock climbing course: need to find instructors, possibly early July. Board is soliciting people for leaders.

    2. Evening training (primarily top roping) sessions at Boy Scout Rock. Dates, timing TBD.

    3. Jayme will arrange a training for trip leaders

    4. MCA Ice Fest: 9/25-27, Matanuska glacier

  6. Hiking and Climbing (Cory)

    1. We need our leaders to run trips!

      1. Cory is leading: Memorial Day weekend (May 22-25): Bomber/New Hut scouting

      2. Cory, Max, possibly Richard Baranow leading: June 6-7 – Eagle River alpine rock climbing Yukla/Heritage Falls CG

      3. Glacier Creek: 9/27-29--climb some peak in the Wickersham area

  7. Mentoring (Rachad): ongoing, no updates.

  8. Library (Cory)

    1. No word from Charlotte; unclear if any action. Needs to visit Best Storage and work on getting those books catalogued.

  9. Equipment (Josh)

    1. Game plan: move books out of Best Storage, move all equipment to Best Storage after Ice Fest. Then close out the Arctic Self Storage unit to save some money.

    2. Josh will catalog equipment and add to shared folder for members to see. He also might digitize peak register data.

  10. Parks Advisory (Cory)

    1. Assembly approved ordinance requiring the Platting Board to consider Chugach Access Plan when approving platting actions along the park boundary. Very good news for access!

  11. New Business

    1. Amy called Jayme: someone from “not to be named publicly” is using MCA huts for commercial huts. Jayme will give the details to Cory and he’ll follow-up.

  12. Next Board meeting: 5/18, 6pm, REI classroom. May General meeting: 5/19 6:30pm, BP Energy Center

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