Carrie Wang illustrates the proper technique for a Butterfly Knot.

Photo by Wayne Todd.

Stuart Parks and Brad Gessner ski from base camp, Wrangell Mountains.

Photo by Wayne Todd.

Climbers on the Matanuska Glacier during the annual MCA ice climbing festival.

Photo by Wayne Todd.

Avalanche drills at the MCA's Basic Mountaineering School.

Photo by Travis Taylor.

June 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

MCA Board Meeting Minutes

Monday June 15, 2015

Attendance: Cory and Galen

  1. VP Programs (Galen) 
    1. June:  Flattop Hike led by Tom Choate.
    2. July:  Picnic at Alaska Rock Gym.  Board in agreement that MCA pays the fee to reserve the gym for the evening.  Coordinate announcements with details.
      1. Cory will arrange the grills, beer, and monitoring system to follow the ARG rules.
      2. Galen will arrange the food and announcements.
      3. Proposed August meeting at McHugh and hiking to Resolution Bluff and back for and introduction to this cool climbing area. Option to bring ropes and drop in a couple top ropes. Galen will cancel BP Energy Center reservation for August.
    3. September: TBD
  2. Treasurer’s report (Aaron is out, here is his summary)
    1. Checking: $19527.07
    2. CDs and Savings accounts: $20681.89
    3. Other savings account: $410.72
    4. Northrim Bank CD total: $1167.52
    5. Total: $41,755.94
    6. Revenue YTD: $6707.08
    7. Expenses YTD: $2802.08
    8. Question:  Advertisement in Joe Stock’s book?   Yes, we will find out what it costs.  
    9. Question: Put some $ in CD or spend on other program for club?  Hold till we see what the hut rehab costs.
  3. Secretary’s report (Max)
    1. Nothing new to report.
  4. Huts (Cory)
    1. Pichler’s re-skin: work will happen June 24 – 30.  Cory is lining up volunteers for LZ Attendant and Equipment Runner.  Spending money on helo, materials, and supplies. Still anticipating under budget.  
      1. Request authorization to spend additional money to send helo to other EK Traverse Huts to remove waste barrels. Additional authorization will likely not be needed.
    2. Dnigi relocation: hut condition assessment and visit to new hut location later this summer.
    3. Mint Hut: need work party to decant barrel and install urine separating toilet.  (Summer 2015).  Still looking for volunteer to help make this happen.  Cory will run an announcement in the Scree.
    4. Scandinavian Hut has broken window that needs replacement in the next month or two. Hope to do this in June.  Paul Andrews/pilot.  
      1. If Paul Andrews doesn’t work out, I will ask for MCA to cover cost of a flight (Meekins Air).
    5. Leases on DNR land need to be updated every 5 years.  Cory’s court; no action yet.
  5. Training
    1. Summer rock course – We’re going to do 2 days at Hatcher Pass, in later July or August.  Aaron has agreed to organize it.  Cory will help teach.  John Giraldo will help out.  Need another couple instructors.  Will send a call for instructors once we have a date set.
    2. Jayme to organize Ice Fest, as she does so well! Cory to confirm with Jayme.
  6. Hiking and Climbing
    1. Need a volunteer on the Board to help find a replacement for the Hiking and Climbing Committee Chair; Vicky is stepping down.  Cory to ask Ross and Rachad. Any other ideas?  
    2. Request all Board members contact at least one leader and ask then to do a summer trip.  Or lead a trip themselves. Deadline:  June Scree, June 24th.
  7. Mentoring (Rachad)
    1. Nothing new to report.
  8. Library (Cory)
    1. Best Storage is now empty, books are catalogued and at REI!
    2. Recommend $50 gift certificate to AMH to recognize Charlotte for the good work and leadership in getting the books straightened out. Cory to purchase.  Award at September meeting.
  9. Equipment (Josh)
    1. Need volunteer to organize move of equipment from Arctic to Best.  Probably 2-3 hrs.  Shoot for July.
  10. Parks Advisory – no report.
  11. New Business 
    1. Scree length: agreed via email to extend length of Scree to 24 pages.
  12. Next Board meeting: 7/20, 6pm, REI classroom. Next general meeting: 7/21, 6:30pm, Alaska Rock Gym (BBQ!)

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