St. Elias mountains from Mt Bear area. St. Elias National Park.

Photo by Wayne Todd.

Stuart Parks and Brad Gessner ski from base camp, Wrangell Mountains.

Photo by Wayne Todd.

Looking east at the high Chugach from White Lice. Chugach State Park.

Photo by Wayne Todd.

Wayne, Carrie, Chris and Toby enjoy sunshine at the Scandinavian Peaks Hut.

Photo by Wayne Todd.

September 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

Monday, September 14, 2015

Attendees: Max Neale, Galen Flint, Cory Hinds, Carlene Van Tol, Rachard Rayess, Josh Clark

  1. VP-Upcoming programs (Galen) 
    1. September: Dave Staeheli on Mt. Blackburn
    2. October —TBD
    3. November — something about ice climbing
  2. Treasurer’s report
    1. YTD revenue: $11k, expenses: $13k. $10k in checking
  3. Secretary’s report
    1. Nothing to report
  4. Huts (Cory)  
    1. Pichler’s re-skin. Complete! $50 gift certs provided to MCA for volunteers.
    2. Dnigi relocation. Flew to the new hut location and determined a feasible route there. MCA paid for the gas money. Hut condition assessment next summer. Max will coordinate acknowledgment plaque to be installed in hut.
    3. Mint Hut.  Successful work party decanted poo barrel. Stan Olsen: suggested washing lower walls with TSP and install vent to cut mold growth. Unclear whether urine-separating toilet has been installed. Vent not yet installed. Need to schedule further work parties.
    4. Bomber Hut. Dave Rhodes and party washed lower walls with TSP.   
    5. Scandinavian Hut. Boris Babaev and his wife Nica flew in with Meekin’s on Aug. 19th, fixed the window and painted the deck.  MCA covered the flights. Then they walked out.
    6. Greg doing a great job fielding reports and getting info posted on website.
    7. Leases on DNR land need to be updated every 5 years.  Cory’s court; needs to happen soon.


  1. Training (Jayme, Josh)
    1. Ice Fest - Jayme is organizing, announcements have been posted.  Registration opened Sept. 1, online only, and closes Sept 18th.
    2. Update on Winter Basic Mountaineering School. Plan to line up a selection of courses with a combination of volunteer and paid instruction.
    3. Ice climbing with Ascending Path
    4. Snow climbing with Dave Staeheli
    5. Avalanche with Alaska Avalanche School
  2. Hiking and Climbing
    1. Need a volunteer on the Board to help find a replacement for the Hiking and Climbing Committee Chair; Vicky is stepping down. Revisit next meeting.
  3. Mentoring (Rachad) 
  4. Library (Cory).   Gift certificates to AMH were given to Charlotte and Vicky for their work and leadership.
  5. Equipment (Josh)
    1. Folks completed a huge gear inventory!
  6. Parks Advisory.  Intent-to-Adopt versions of the Chugach State Park Management Plan and Trail Management Plan now available for public review.
  7. New Business
    1. Elections in October
  8. Next Board meeting: October 5, REI Classroom, 6pm

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