St. Elias mountains from Mt Bear area. St. Elias National Park.

Photo by Wayne Todd.

Wayne, Carrie, Chris and Toby enjoy sunshine at the Scandinavian Peaks Hut.

Photo by Wayne Todd.

Carrie Wang on Boggs Peak, Chugach National Forest.

Photo by Wayne Todd.

Bird Peak from Esbay Peak. Chugach State Park.

Photo by Wayne Todd.

October 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

MCA Board Meeting Minutes

Monday, October 5, 2015

Attendees: Max Neale, Aaron Gallagher, Cory Hinds, Carlene Van Tol, Greg Encelewski

  1. Elections at Oct 20 general meeting
  2. VP-Upcoming programs (Galen) 
    1. October: Aaron Thrasher – Mint Traverse and W. Ridge Yukla
    2. November:  Carl Oswald – Chugach ice
  3. Treasurer’s report
    1.  YTD, we’re $3,000 in the black
    2. Next Baord meeting will focus on budget
  4. Secretary’s report
    1. Max is coordinating two metals signs to acknowledge Pitchler’s Perch material donors
  5. Huts (Cory)  
    1. No recent activity
  6. Training (Jayme, Josh)
    1. Ice Fest – big success, no injuries, lots of fun!
    2. Update on Winter Basic Mountaineering School.  Plan to line up a selection of courses with combo of volunteer and paid instruction. 
  7. Hiking and Climbing
    1. Need a volunteer on the Board to help find a replacement for the Hiking and Climbing Committee Chair; Vicky is stepping down.   
  8. Mentoring (Rachad)
    1. We need more mentors! We will announce this at next general meeting.
  9. Library (Cory)  
    1. Nothing new to report
  10. Equipment (Josh)
    1. Nothing new to report
  11. Parks Advisory 
    1. Chugach State Park Management Plan:  Upcoming meeting with CSP Superintendent to discuss fixed anchors
    2. Hatcher Pass Mountain Huts Group:  meeting with director of CSP for introduction and to ask for help regarding explosion of motorized transport around MCA hut areas
  12. New Business
    1. Elections in October

Next General meeting: October 20th  6:30pm, BP Energy Center

Next Board Meeting: November 9th 6:00pm, REI classroom

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