Scandinavian Peaks Hut on the Matanuska Glacier in the Chugach Mountains.

Photo by William Finley.

Rosie's Roost on the Eklutna Glacier in the Chugach Mountains.

Photo by Greg Bragiel.

The Mint Hut near the Mint Glacier in the Talkeetna Mountains.

Photo by Travis Taylor.

Rosies Roost on the Eklutna Glacier in the Chugach Mountains.

Photo by Greg Bragiel.

Hut Inventory & Needs

Hut Needs and Notes

If you are headed to one of the MCA huts, please consult the notes below to see what needs to be carried to the huts or fixed. All huts have tools and materials so that anyone can make basic repairs. Hutmeisters are needed for each hut: If you have a favorite hut and would like to take the lead on checking on the hut and organizing maintenance  the MCA would greatly appreciate your help.

All Huts - The MCA Board of directors has decided to phase out the Coleman cooking stoves in the huts. In the future, as a stove fails, it will not be replaced. Be prepared- take your own stove.

  • Scandinavian Peaks Hut – Maintenance alert/needs. Thank you Chris Bailey for delivering supplies February 2018.
  • Mint Hut – Hutmeister Vicky Lytle.  Supplies that need to go in: Broom, Mineral spirits, Red oil paint, White oil paint, Roller brushes. Maintenance alert/needs- Paint second floor walls with  white oil paint.   Touch up painting exterior. Thank you to members of MCA Summer Mountaineering Instructional Trip completing maintenance June 13-16, 2018: General cleaning, organizing, carry out a lot of trash.  Thank you to DNR group for completing maintenance July 18-20, 2018: Inside Upstairs loft: bleached and wiped all walls in preparation for painting, Downstairs: Kitchen area: Bleached walls, interior door, counter. Outside: Front door painted red color, roof: removed chipped paint from gable and painted red.  Thank you to Vicky Lytle for completing maintenance: Carried in Kilz paint and painted loft are thee coats, carried out trash. Cable sling for human waste barrels has been located.
  • Bomber Hut – Supplies that need to go in: Broom. Maintenance alert/needs- Scrape and paint outside wood. Install two windows in kitchen area. Clean with TSP and paint inside walls of hut. Supplies are on site. Thank you to members of MCA Summer Mountaineering Instructional Trip completing maintenance June 16-19, 2018: Cleaning, Install weather-stripping, deadbolts interior and exterior of door.  
  • Dnigi Hut – Supplies that need to go in: Lantern globes. Maintenance alert/needs- Evaluation of hut structural integrity, mold concerns.
  • Pichler's Perch – Maintenance alert/needs- None.
  • Han's Hut – Maintenance alert/needs- None.
  • Rosie's Roost – Maintenance alert/needs- None.
  • Additional supplies available for placement at any hut: Wag bags (~ 100) for human waste collection/ pack out along Eklutna Traverse. One functional Coleman stove. Tools: Saw, Pliers, Screw drivers, Metal snips, Stapler, Hammer, Paint tray, 2 roller brushes, 4 Paint rollers, Door lock set, Crowbar, Caulk gun, Socket set.

Greg Bragiel, MCA Huts Chairman  350-5146

Updated September 13, 2018

Hut Inventory

Check out the linked document below for a list of dimensions of the huts and appliances installed.


(634 KB)
MCA Huts Inventory
List of MCA Huts' dimensions and installed appliances.

NOTE: Many of the documents are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing. Acrobat Reader software may be downloaded for free from Adobe Systems, Inc.

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