St. Elias mountains from Mt Bear area. St. Elias National Park.

Photo by Wayne Todd.

Bird Peak from Esbay Peak. Chugach State Park.

Photo by Wayne Todd.

Climber on seracs on the Matanuska Glacier during the annual MCA ice climbing festival.

Photo by Wayne Todd.

Hans Hut sits along the aptly named Whiteout Glacier.

Photo by Travis Taylor.

Front Range Highpoints

The Front Range of Chugach State Park consists of the peaks encircled by a line traveling along Turnagain Arm, Indian Creek, Indian Creek Pass, the South Fork of Ship Creek, Ship Creek, Knik Arm, Cook Inlet, and Turnagain Arm. The peaks below are not all "true summits" that have at least 500 feet of vertical relief between themselves the next higher summit. This list contains: the 12 commonly recognized 5,000-foot peaks, all the true peaks with 500 feet of prominence, and several officially or unofficially named peaks that aren't true peaks but are enjoyable destinations (denoted by ^ symbol afer the peak name). Thirty peaks in all to give you a taste of the Chugach State Park. 

No. Peak Elevation in feet*
1 Mount Williwaw
2 Temptation Peak 
3 East Tanaina Peak 
4 West Tanaina Peak^
5 The Ramp 5240
6 Tikishla Peak^
7 O'Malley Peak^ 5182
8 Koktoya Peak 
9 Hidden Peak^
10 North Suicide Peak 
11 Avalanche Mountain 
12 South Suicide Peak 
13 Ptarmigan Peak 
14 Mount Elliott 
15 Knoya Peak^
16 Homicide Peak 
17 The Wedge 4660
18 Flaketop Peak  4510
19 Wolverine Peak   4491
20 Kanchee Peak^ 4393
21 Indianhouse Mountain   4350
22 McHugh Peak 
23 False Peak (west of O'Malley)^ 4250
24 Ship Creek Hill***
 25 Rusty Point^
26 Rainbow Peak 3543
27 Flattop Mountain^ 3510
28 Snow Hawk Mountain*** 3245
29 Near Point^ 3050
 30 Blueberry Knoll^ 2625

* Some of the elevations are estimates and could be off by +/- 50' depending on map contour intervals.

^ Denotes peaks that are not true summits. All but Rusty Point are officially named peaks.

*** These unoffically named summits have 500' of prominence but they are on JBER military land not Chugach State Park.

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