September 2006 Scree.

January 2010 Scree.

Photo by Kelsey Gray.

September 2010 Scree.

Illustration in 1984 Scree showing Dave Johnston's setup for a March ascent of Mt. Sanford. Johnston named this contraption "Bridgit".


The Scree* has been a monthly publication of the Mountaineering Club of Alaska since 1958! Many MCA climbers, hikers and skiers have written hundreds of stories and route descriptions on local, state and world wide areas. The Scree also lists upcoming trips, trainings and club related announcements. Any MCA member can submit an article.

Numerous members have edited the Scree but the longest serving by far was Willy Hersman from 1983 to 2002!! During his editorship, he upgraded from a typewriter to a word processor, though he still had to retype submitted articles. Willy tried pictures, paid advertising and a calendar but all were rejected at that time. In the early years, the Scree was published by members on a hand crank mimeograph machine. Goldenrod paper was introduced in 1968 and became the new standard. Willy also scanned many years of Screes so they could be read electronically.   

In 2006 John Recktenwald became editor, evolving the Scree to a magazine like format. This includes full page color, famous quotes and email delivery. Pictures are now standard as the Scree enters its seventh decade of publication.

*Scree: 1.Loose rock debris 2. A slope of this at the base of a steep incline or cliff. American Heritage Dictionary. A very apt name as the local ranges are inundated with Scree and continue to make more.

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