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January 2010 Scree.

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Selected Stories

Below are some classic past issues of Scree that contain lore often told around campfires and within storm-bound tents throughout Alaska. Not only do past issues contain detailed route information for mountains all over Alaska - they also showcase excellent writing from climbers past and present.

The downloads below contain the following classic stories:

  • May 1967 Scree - William Hauser's classic account of a cornice fall on top of Byron Peak. Hauser described the drama as "the genuine indifference of natural forces and the Promethean qualities of man against the odds."
  • January 1978 Scree - two articles by Brian Okonek, one describing his traverse of Goat Rock and another titled "Across the Grain", from his series "Some Climbs in the Alaska Range."
  • June 1984 Scree - a wonderful 6 page poem written by Dave Johnston about a solo-March ascent of Mt. Sanford. Don't miss his illustration of "Bridgit" - a ski/sled creation for solo glacier travel. "To yodel in the valleys / sing on the mountain / and Bob on the tundra / quite unselfconsciously."
  • October 1990 Scree - in which Tom Choate waxes poetic about the trials of being tent bound on a glacier. "Tent bound... Incessant hissing of wind-driven snow... Walls ever so slowly sagging."
  • October 2006 Scree - Wayne Todd's account of camping and climbing in the Mint Valley, Talkeetna Mountains.
  • May 2010 Scree - a fun climbing adventure, described by Harold Faust, of an ascent of Kindling Mountain, Seward Alaska.


(1,147 KB)
1967 May Scree
Includes William Hauser's account of a fall on Byron Peak and Nick Parker's writeup of Isthmus Peak.

(730 KB)
1984 June Scree
Includes Dave Johnston's poem of a winter ascent of Mt. Sanford.

(862 KB)
1990 October Scree
Includes accounts of construction of the Scandinavian and Bomber Huts, Tom Choate's 1990 traverse of the Sargent Icefield and Joel Babb's Pichler's to Peters Creek traverse.

(1,351 KB)
1978 January Scree
Includes Brian Okonek's Goat Rock traverse, and his article Across the Grain (part of his collection Some Climbs in the Alaska Range).

(2,783 KB)
2006 October Scree
Includes Mintaineering, an article by Wayne Todd describing climbs from the Mint Hut.

(3,960 KB)
2010 May Scree
Includes a fun climbing adventure, described by Harold Faust, of an ascent of Kindling Mountain, Seward Alaska.

(7,750 KB)
2019 January Scree
January 2019 Scree

(10,316 KB)
2020 January Scree
January 2020 Scree

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