June 2012 Board Meeting Minutes

MCA Board Meeting Minutes, June 6, 2012

Members Present: Tim Silvers (President), Randy Plant (Treasurer), Galen Flint (Vice-President)  Directors:  Vicky Lytle, Brian Aho, John Recktenwald, Greg Encelewski

1.           Library – Vicky reported that the library books have been moved to a free storage site at Best Storage. She will be finalizing an inventory of the items in the library and Tim will have it published on the MCA website. Tim has placed the journals in members' homes where they can be requested.  The inventory includes about 800 books, some of which are duplicates. Vicky will lead an effort to create a mountaineering corner that will house our books, as well as other mountaineering resources.  It was noted that Jim Sellers has been talking to REI about housing the books.  He will hand that effort over to Vicky in the next couple days.  The club will also ask for a member volunteer to serve as club librarian.

2.      Insurance – Jim will be contacting the insurance carrier to ask for a new quote (the old one has expired) and will send that quote, as well as the expired policy, to the board members.

3.      Picnic – Galen is coordinating the purchase of food and supplies for the July picnic, to be held at Abbott Loop Park.

4.      Meeting presentations – Galen stated that she was having some difficulty getting a presenter for the August meeting and asked if anybody had other ideas for presentations.

5.      WAG bags – Galen was concerned that information presented to the members at the last meeting about WAG bags may have been incorrect, and she will therefore put together a webpage with proper protocol for waste management at the huts.

There will be no July meeting due to conflict with the 4th of July holiday.  The next board meeting will be August 1, 2012

Randall Plant, Treasurer

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