The MCA has many committees which provide a great way for members to become more involved in the MCA community as well as the larger community we live in.


The huts committee is responsible for the care and maintenance of the MCA's huts. This does not mean this committee is responsible for carrying out maintenance but they are responsible for organizing and making available the materials for hut maintenance.

Chairperson: Greg Braigel

Hiking and Climbing

This committee is responsible for approving club sanctioned trips and trip leaders.

Chairperson: Mike Meyers and Jen Aschoff


The MCA puts on three annual trainning events, the Ice Festival, Basic Mountaineering School and Rock School. We are not limited to these events.

Chairperson: Max Neale

Parks Advisory

Consistent with our long history of conservation and protection of the alpine environment, the MCA maintains a Parks Advisory Committee to actively track and participate in public processes related to the management of alpine areas in Alaska that our members visit.   With our location in south central Alaska, and our mountain huts in the Chugach and Talkeetna mountains, our focus tends to be on these two mountain ranges, but may extend to other mountain ranges and alpine areas of the state.   The Parks Advisory Chairperson is expected to track the progress of state and federal management plans that impact hiking and climbing in the alpine areas that we frequent.  When appropriate, the Chairperson is expected to prepare comment on behalf of MCA for approval by the Board of Directors.

The activities of our membership continue to be primarily non-motorized, and therefore we typically support protection of non-motorized areas which maintains the alpine character of our local mountain areas, particularly around our huts.   Most recently the MCA has provided comments on the Chugach State Park Trails Plan, the Hatcher Pass Management Plan, and ongoing management decisions related to backcountry and mountaineering uses in Denali National Park.  

Several members of the MCA formed an Anchorage-based non-profit organization called the Chugach Park Access Coalition (CPAC) whose mission is to promote public access to Chugach State Park at multiple smaller access points, with due respect for adjacent land owners.  The MCA works closely with this organization and others to support and promote public access to local mountain areas.   It is expected that MCA will actively participate in public process related to the Chugach State Park Access Plan.

Members with suggestions related to parks advisory issues are encouraged to contact us with the subject "Parks Advisory Committee".

Chairperson: Cory Hinds


This committee is repsonsible for reviewing the recommended recipients of MCA awards. See the Awards page for more information.

Committee Members: Cory Hinds, Steve Gruhn, Tom Meacham

Geographic Names

This committee is responsible for reviewing proposed names for geographic features in Alaska.

Chairperson: Steve Gruhn Other committee members: Tom Choate, Willy Hersman, Dan O'Neill


Manages the club library.

Chairperson: Charlotte Foley


Responsible for processing and storing MCA membership applications. This is usually chaired by the current Treasurer.

Chairperson: Mark Smith

MCA Calendar

MCA produces a calendar every year of the best photos taken by MCA members.

Chairperson: Stu Grenier

Peak Registers

This committee is responsible for coordinating the replacement and maintenance of peak registers on Alaska mountains.

Chairperson: Josh Clark

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