November 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

MCA Board Meeting Minutes Monday  November 16, 2015

Attendees: Nathan Hebda, Stephen Austria, and Jennifer DuFord, Max Neale, Cory Hinds

  1. Welcome new board members: Nathan Hebda, Stephen Austria, and Jennifer DuFord.  Introductions all around.

    1. Reviewed of roles and responsibilities

    2. Reviewed Board meeting procedures

  2. VP-Programs (Galen)  

    1. October: great meeting with Calendar and Aaron Thrasher slideshow

    2. November:  Carl Oswald – Chugach ice

    3. December: 12/15 holiday party at Pioneer School House. Max: A/V and screen setup (contact Carlene and Jayme). Will need help with setup and cleanup, too.

  3. Treasurer’s report

    1. We’ve spent 72% of our 2015 budget thus far and expect to be under budget for the year.

  4. Secretary’s report

    1. All Board documents will be stored in Google Drive, not on personal computers.

  5. Huts (Cory):  Vents purchased for Mint Hut. Ross Noffsinger designed them and had them built. Greg Bragiel will organize their installation. Greg Braigel: send installed photos to plaque sponsors.

  6. Training (Jayme, Josh): Trying to organize the Winter Basic Mountaineering School. We plan to line up a selection of courses with combination of volunteer and paid instruction.  

    1. Level 1 Avy course, March 5-7 at Hatcher. See the AK Avalanche Center site to register

    2. Crevasse Rescue – date TBD

    3. Snow climbing, ice climbing – date TBD

  7. Hiking and Climbing

    1. Ed Smith has volunteered to be our Hiking and Climbing Committee Chair, which fills two roles: (1) get people to lead trips and communicate trips to our members (2) make sure trip leaders are qualified to lead. We have a short new leader checklist--Viki will share with Ed.

  8. Mentoring

    1. We need roughly 15 more mentors. Will call

  9. Library (Cory)

    1. Lots of progress with sorting and cataloguing. Charlotte will finish creating an online database with our titles.

  10. Equipment (Josh)

    1. Nothing new to report.

  11. Parks Advisory (Cory)

    1. Nothing new to report. Looking for someone to take over this role.

  12. New Business

    1. Steven and Cory will pursue MCA apparel (contact Mike Meyers)

    2. Developed 2016 Budget, for membership review

    3. Reviewed member roster, assigned phone calls for mentoring and leading trips

  13. Next meetings

    1. Board: Tuesday December 8th 6pm, REI classroom

    2. General (Holiday Party): December 15th, 6:30pm, Pioneer School House

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