Hut Inventory & Needs

Hut Needs and Notes

If you are headed to one of the MCA huts, please consult the notes below to see what needs to be carried to the huts or fixed. All huts have tools and materials so that anyone can make basic repairs. Hutmeisters are needed for each hut: If you have a favorite hut and would like to take the lead on checking on the hut and organizing maintenance  the MCA would greatly appreciate your help.

All Huts - The MCA Board of directors has decided to phase out the Coleman cooking stoves in the huts. In the future, as a stove fails, it will not be replaced. Be prepared- take your own stove.

Greg Bragiel, MCA Huts Chairman  350-5146

Updated September 13, 2018

Hut Inventory

Check out the linked document below for a list of dimensions of the huts and appliances installed.


(634 KB)
MCA Huts Inventory
List of MCA Huts' dimensions and installed appliances.

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