Bock's Den

There once was a hut on Matanuska Glacier called Bock's Den, It was built on the 4th of July weekend 1992 by Scott Bailey, Willy Hersman, John Cafmeyer, Tom Sheppard and Sixth Infantry Division at Ft.Richardson volunteers: Dave Carstens, Pete Alexakis, Pete Balfe, Earnesto Lopez, Andy Wigglesworth. The hut was put on location in April to take advantage of the snow-covered glacier. When the crew arrived in July they found very different conditions at the site, there was a lot of brush which had to be cleared off, a task which took a few hours. The crew also encountered difficulties in gathering enough rocks for the foundation, prolonging the process, but with all the willing help they put up the structure in just two days.

It was meant to be a stopover on the way to Scandinavian hut, 9 direct miles from the terminus of the glacier, but not many stopped. Unfortunately it was not built where originally planned, local wildlife visited it more than humans did due to difficult access. The club decided to remove the wrecked hut. In October 2009, complete demolition, clean up and removal took place by Wayne Todd, Travis Taylor, Stan Olsen, Larry Oliver, Greg Bragiel, Marcin Ksok. All supplies and workers flew in and out with Pollux aviation.

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