MCA Training
Click to view gallery. Basic Mountaineering School: (27 photos)
The MCA's Basic Mountaineering School (BMS) is designed to give individuals new to mountaineering an introduction to the basics skills required to travel in the Alaska mountain environment.
Click to view gallery. Ice Climbing Festival: (12 photos)
The MCA's Ice Climbing Festival is held every year on the last weekend in September or the first weekend in October. It is held at the Matanuska Glacier Park at Mile 102 on the Glenn Highway.
Click to view gallery. Rock Climbing School: (9 photos)
The Training Committee plans to put together rock climbing training again this summer. We will likely have evening clinics covering different climbing skills and hope to have a weekend of climbing training in Hatcher Pass or the Purinton Creek area.
Click to view gallery. Scree Covers: (48 photos)
Scree is the monthly newsletter of the MCA containing trip reports and detailed descriptions of mountains routes. If you're a member of the MCA you get access to the Scree archive, over 50 years of climbing history and trip reports available nowhere else!  Below are some covers from past issues. 
Click to view gallery. MCA Huts: (18 photos)
MCA huts offer the safety and comfort of a mountain retreat in remote locations throughout Chugach and Talkeetna Mountains. They are simple, basic structures set among breathtaking scenery. MCA members have full access to these wonderful refuges, they can be linked as winter or summer traverses, provide a basecamp while climbing nearby granite spires, or a place to recover after a peak bagging expedition. Whatever the reason treat them with respect, enjoy the experience they provide, and leave them better than you found them.

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